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Photo Challenge for September


1. Labor Day
2. From high up
3. Skyscraper
4. Today I love
5. Cheese Pizza
6. at 2 am
7. Grandparents Day
8. How my garden grows
9. Teddy Bear my love
10. daily routine
11. Made my bed
12. Chocolate Milk Mustache
13. night fall
14. Cream Filled Doughnut Day
15. Hat
16. Rock balancing is art
17. Apple a day
18. glow
19. rainbow
20. Oktoberfest
21. Hugs
22. action
23. lights
24. Cherries Jubilee
25. camera
26. train
27. bad habit
28. good habit
29. eyes
30. upside down

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Today I Crave


Today im craving a sherbet float and they are so easy to make. Put a scoop of your favorite sherbet in a glass and slowly pour sprite or 7up over the top. Kids will love it.


Halloween Punch Recipes
Strawberry Lime Sorbet Recipe
Things to do this summer

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Girls Hair Blogs


Mornings are crazy here and getting two heads of hair done on time can be hard. Here’s a few blogs that I love that have great hair ideas…


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Teacher Survival Kit

School starts in just a few weeks, and this is a super cute and easy gift for teachers first day from FiveHeartHome.


I have a lot of teachers in my family, and they all love to feel appreciated by their students parents and this is one of many ways to help them feel loved. A back to school gift is a great first step for the parent teacher relationship for the year.

What you need a bottle of hand sanitizer, caffeinated beverage and some quality chocolate. You can go to this site for the print out.

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Back to School TShirt


What you will need:
Light blue and red fabric paint
a foam brush
white shirt or tank
a straight edge ruler

What to do:

  1. Wash, dry and iron shirt.
  2. Place cardboard in shirt so paint wont leak through.
  3. Spread light blue pain along edge of ruler starting just below the right bottom of arm of tee, make as straight as possible.
  4. Use ruler as spacer  to make lines even distance apart.
  5. Wipe paint off ruler as you go. Make red line a little to the right of the right arm.

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Photo Challenge for August


August photo challenge

1. Where you work
2. Ice Cream Sandwich delight
3. Friend of watermelon
4. Selfie
5. Dogs Day
6. Toes
7. Silhouette
8. Yellow
9. For the love of books
10. Lazy Crazy Day
11. S’mores Day
12. Somebody you love
13. Reflection
14. National Creamsicle Day
15. Back to school
16. Makes you smile
17. Thrift shop treasures
18. Landscape
19.Paper airplanes
20. Bond Girl Confidence
21. Sealed with a kiss
22. Be an angel Day
23. Ride the wind
24. Bat your lashes
25. Kiss
26.Dog Day
27. On my Own
28. Summer Outfit
29. Guilty Pleasures
30. Frankenstein Day
31. National trail Mix Day

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Photo Challenge for July


July Photo challenge, brainstorm with the kids. Vote on your favorite idea then snap the picture.

1. Ice Cream You Scream
2. Rainbow Bright
3. “Mirror” image
4. Independence Day
5. Cherry Red
6. Chicken
7. Strawberry Patch
8. Through the window
9. Sugar cookies
10. Teddy bear picnic
11. Cheer up
12. colored eyes
13. Inner Geek
14. 5 o’clock
15. Cow spots
16. Bottle of wonder
17. Peach
18. Somethings Fishy
19. Raspberry Cake
20. Moon Day
21. Ugly Truck Day
22. Hammock
23. HOT Dog
24. Cousins
25. From the Ground up
26. Aunt and Uncle Day
27. Parents Day
28. Chocolate Milk Mustache
29. Along the Path
30. Friendship
31. Wings

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Wedding Anniversary Ideas


Staying married means playing together. So these are some fun and playful ideas for celebrating your anniversary.

1. Cover the bed and floor with rose petals. Just keep them out of reach of young children who might want to eat them.

2. Rose petals scattered on the breakfast table.

3. On the bathroom mirror write “Happy Anniversary” in soap.

4. Make an Happy Anniversary banner to hang up somewhere in the house, or make a sign for the yard.

5. Decorate his and hers chair to look like thrones. King and Queen for the day.

6. Write “Still Married” on the car window, and sting on some cans for your date.

7. Make an extra special breakfast like strawberry cream cheese crepes.

8. Why not serve a mimosa with your romantic breakfast, especially if you don’t have to go to work that day.

9. Share the responsibility in picking out a romantic dinner and make it together or get a sitter and go to a fun restaurant.

10. Start a tradition of giving a few of the same gifts every year. Like a favorite candy bar, balloon bouquet, or roses or other favorite flowers. Get a book from their GoodReads list you know they will enjoy, plus a great anniversary gift.

11. Even though you live together mail the anniversary card, sometimes its nice to get something other than bills or junk mail. You can even mail one from your dog or cat.

12. Have a fun romantic treasure hunt.

13. Put all of their gifts on a pretty display table with flowers.

14. Pick a romantic dessert together or make a cake together.

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Kids Summer Bucket List


Kids have barely been home 2 days and they are already starting in with the “I’m bored!!” Here’s a few ideas for fun things to do.

  1. Create a summer playlist
  2. Fly homemade kites
  3. Play a musical instrument
  4. Build a diorama
  5. Play with Lego bricks
  6. Tear something electronic apart
  7. Make homemade gak
  8.  Learn to solder
  9. Build a cardboard robot
  10. Host movie night in your backyard
  11. Learn to braze (metal joining)
  12. Try Geocaching
  13. Plant seeds and watch them grow
  14. Write and illustrate your own story
  15. Go to the beach
  16. Look through a telescope
  17.  Stay up to see a meteor shower
  18.  Create a lightsaber from an old cardboard tube and shiny paper
  19. Have an entry in the county fair
  20. Learn how to use a map
  21. Plan and take a family bike ride
  22. Read a trilogy
  23. Mix something cool with a chemistry set
  24. Deisgn and make your own sprinkler to run through
  25.  Write something in binary
  26.  Silkscreen a t-shirt
  27. Go Camping
  28.  Design a game (board or video)
  29.  Mix Mentos with Coke
  30. Learn leather working and make a wallet or built
  31. Make a stop-motion animation
  32.  Build a costume and wear to a drive in movie
  33. Visit your state or nation’s capital. Visit the museums there.
  34.  Launch a model rocket…and know how it works
  35. Visit an observatory
  36. Visit a waterpark
  37.  Build a model
  38.  Make a website
  39.  Blow up something in the pursuit of science
  40. Write a snail mail fan letter
  41. Cook a meal/invent your own recipe
  42.  Make a paper airplane or newspaper boat
  43.  Learn to make a call on a phone (say hello, identify yourself, ask for person you want to talk to, say goodbye)
  44. Paint a pair of  shoes
  45.  Start a business: make lemonade to sell, craft jewelry, write and sell a newspaper

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Strawberry Lime Sorbet Recipe


Strawberry Lime Sorbet


  • 4 cups frozen strawberries
  • 1/4-1/3 cup lime juice
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 tbsp lime zest
  • 1/8-1/4 cup honey*


  1. Throw everything into a high powered blender and blend until smooth
  2. The consistency may be perfect as is to serve or for a more frozen treat, run it through an ice cream maker
  3. Store in an airtight container in the freezer and let it sit our for about 15 minutes before serving

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