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Basic Braid Instructions

This is just the most basic hair braid Instructions. If you can do a basic braid you can learn the french braid or herringbone braid so much easier. This one is also known as the English braid.

Basic Braid Instructions:

You can work with either dry or wet hair. I personally prefer doing this on wet hair because it tends to be easier to work with. I keep a spray bottle with water in it and hair comb close by.

Tip: if this is your first time braiding hair, pulling it into a ponytail might make it easier to learn :o)

1. Divide the hair or ponytail into three even sections.

2. Take the right-hand section and bring it across over the center section you can pull it tight or keep it loose depending on the look you want.

3. Now take the far most left section of hair and bring it across the center section.

4. Continue right over middle, left over middle until you either reach the end of the hair or to desired stopping point. Secure with an  elastic ponytail holder.

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