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Basic Scrapbook Supplies


You don’t need to spend a ton of money to get high quality scrapbook supplies. I have found acid free lignin free products at the local dollar store. Here’s a small list of basic supplies…

1. Page protectors, they come in glossy and matte. I personally like the matte because it makes it easier to see the pictures and keeps the attention on the page and not the shine of the protector.

2. A good pair of straight edged scissors, I got mine from the sewing section at a local cloth store. You use them often enough that you want to have a pair with a comfy grip, and sharp edges. I have also used hair cutting scissors from scrap-booking, just because they are so sharp you get a nice clean cut. Just be careful with them especially if you have kids, they are very sharp.

3. Some sort of adhesive, I don’t care for glue bottles or sticks because the things you glue tend to curl as they dry and it takes awhile for them to dry. Glue sticks are good for some things but I prefer to use Zot dots, they are double sided and pressure sensitive, they are adhesive dots and made for permanently mounting photos and other treasures. Great for quick easy scrap-booking.

4. Plain and patterned papers, you can buy them by the page for special themed pages or you can buy them by a pad or box.

5. A black acid free pen or markerfor journaling. It’s great to see pictures but its also fun to read what the pictures are about.

6. Pictures, lots and lots of pictures.

(Remember, everything that you use on your scrapbook page should be acid-free and lignin-free in order to protect your pictures.)

This is a very addictive hobby, once you get started you wont want to stop.

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