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French Braid Instructions

French Braids look tricky but are incredibly easy to do once you learn the method. The picture above isn’t my best work but it should help you get the general idea.

1. Brush or comb out all the tangles. I like to do this with slightly damp hair to help with fly aways.

2. Decide where you want your braid to start, on little kids you can start pretty much any where and have it look super cute; on adults I would stick to the back of the head for a more adult look. Gather up a section of hair and divide into 3 sections like you were going to do a basic braid.

3. Go ahead and make your first plait by crossing the right section over the middle and then left over middle.

4. You can use a rat comb or like me just use your fingers to gather a small section of hair going from hair line in towards the braid and add it to your right section of hair. Switch all the hair sections to your right hand and do the same for the left side, and make your next plait. Right over middle then left over middle.

5. Continue doing number 4 until you get the desired length braid or you run out of hair. Use elastic to hold it all together.

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