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Super Quick, No Sew Halloween Costumes for Children


Been here done this, I’m no seamstress and have found myself on several occasions looking for quick and easy costume ideas. Hope this will help you too.

Ghost: Take a white sheet and drape it over your child. Cut two eye holes and cut the bottom of the ghost outfit so your child doesn’t trip over the cloth when he or she tries to walk. If you want to widen the eyes a bit with black marker, that is an easy way to make the eyes look bigger without widening the eye holes. Arm holes are up to you to make trick-or-treating easier on your little ghost, but they can just lift up the costume and have their hands under the ghost costume if they wish.

Pirate : Pillage the back of your closet for a pair of old black sweatpants and fringe the edges with a scissors. Tuck in a big white blouse, then tie a red scarf around the pirate’s waist and a bandanna around his head. Clip on some gold costume jewelry, then dab on black face paint for a beard. If you have time, pick up a fake hook or eye patch at your local party store.

A Playing Card: You will need two pieces of foam core board; black or red ribbon; white and black latex paint and brushes. Paint the two boards to look like playing cards. Attach ribbon to the two cards to make straps for your shoulders. Wear sweats, leotard and tights-whatever you like underneath. If you want to be “royal”, paint your cards like a king or queen and add a crown to your costume.

Spa Princess: Going door to door can be a taxing enterprise, so why not let your ‘tweenager combine work and relaxation with a simple spa costume? First have her put on a bathrobe and wrap up her hair in a hand towel (secure with a safety pin). Paint her fingernails, then apply green face paint, leaving an inch around the eyes and mouth, for a skin mask effect. Lastly, have her hold and hand held mirror and slip on a pair of slippers.

The Mummy: You will need gray sweat pants and shirt; old shoes; 2-3 inch wide strips of old white fabric (old bed sheets work nicely; moss (available at craft stores and dollar stores) and white school glue. Tint the white fabric with a weak solution of tea or coffee. When dry, rip into strips 2-3 inches wide. Begin by gluing the strips to the pants and shirt. On the day of the party: have someone glue more strips of fabric around the waist, shoes and your head and face. Add a little moss here and there for effect. Have some of fabric strips dangling and blowing in the wind! If you are feeling “royal” add some exotic and bold “bling” like a necklace or amulet.

Soccer Star: This costume’s a winner for the soccer fan in your household. Simply have your child wear a short sleeved v-neck sport shirt over a long-sleeved T-shirt (use her team’s favorite colors). Use cloth tape to write the star’s number and name on the front and back of the jersey. Finish the uniform with shorts, knee socks, sneakers, and sweatbands. The perfect goodie carrier? A small duffel bag.

Construction worker: Here are the blueprints for an easy costume for Bob the Builder wanna-bes. Cut the sleeves off an old flannel shirt and wear it over a long-sleeved thermal shirt. Strap on a tool belt, add some old hand tools, and smudge on brown face paint for a hard-working look. Top everything off with a pair of work gloves, work boots, and a plastic hard-hat.

An Angel on a Cloud: You will need to cut two core foam boards to look like clouds. Use white ribbon to attach them and to form shoulder straps. Wear white or silver clothes and shoes. Add a halo and wings from the dollar store and you are all set!

Farmer: Start with a pair of overalls, a plaid flannel shirt, a pair of work boots, and a straw hat. Loosely tie a bandanna around your child’s hat and add some freckles on her cheeks with face paint. For little kids–who may tire of walking–consider pulling a red wagon filled with some of her stuffed animal collection. When she’s ready to stop harvesting treats, she can climb in for a ride.

Gypsy: The key to this costume is layers: the more colors and fabrics, the better. Have your child wear mismatched flowery skirts, a few old scarves, shawls, and strings of costume jewelry. Add some lipstick and face paint. Top off with a newspaper hat, hand her a tambourine, and she’s ready to go.

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