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How do I keep my baby away from the fireplace

Baby Proofing Your Home Doesn’t Have to Be Hard


 As a new parent, it is now your responsibility to keep the baby safe while at the same time create a favorable environment for the child to discover new things and grow. The baby means the world to you and as a parent; you should do everything in your powers to protect these precious little ones. Baby proofing the home will help you keep away items that pose grave danger to the baby. To be able to accomplish this, you have to think like a baby for you to know places or items they are likely to reach. To have the same viewing angle as the child, you might have to get down on your hands and knees, to see what is down there.

Why You Must Keep Medical Supplies Away

You need to make sure that all cleaning supplies, medications or any poison is out of the each of the toddler. With the baby around the house, it is not prudent to keep cleaning chemicals under the sink.  Babies are curious and will reach for items and most likely put them into their mouths. Keep dangerous chemicals in locked cabinets away from the baby.  Remember that certain plants can be harmful if eaten and babies like to eat. Find out which plants are poisonous and keep them from the baby’s reach.

Why You Need to Fix Loose Hangings

Secure anything that is hanging out of the baby’s reach.  Electrical cords, curtains and tablecloths and blinds from the window ought to be kept out of their reach. Most importantly, electrical outlets should be covered with plastic covers to prevent toddlers from being electrocuted.

Why You Should Keep Small Items Out Of Reach

Anything a toddler can hold is likely to end up in their mouth. Small items such as toys, coins, buttons, batteries, staples and paper clips should be kept off the floor. Keep scissors, knives and other sharp objects out of their reach.  Instead of throwing pieces of broken glass in the wastebasket, throw them in the outside trash immediately.

Why You Must Use Safety Gates

Most of the injuries reported among babies are often caused by staircase falls.  To keep the baby from falling down the stairs, the stairway should be properly gated. Pressure gates should not be used, since toddlers are likely to use force and have their way.

 Why You Must Lock Cabinets and Drawers

To prevent the baby from accessing dangerous items from the drawer and cabinet, install safety latches and locks. These locks are easy to install and ought to be placed on drawers and cabinets with cleaning supplies and medicines. You should also place the locks on drawers that contain knives and other sharp objects.

 Why you Need to Install Door Locks

One other safety feature is to install door knob covers and door locks. Door locks are more suitable than safety gates and are ideal to be placed on attic, basement or garage doors. On the other hand, door knob covers prevent the toddler from opening the door.

Why You Need to Block the Fire Place

Fire can easily arouse the baby, thus if you have a fireplace, prevent the baby from getting close or better yet, use a hearth gate to deny them access.

Keep Windows safe

Make sure to lock the windows or use guards to prevent windows from opening too far. Using screens is not advisable since, they will not prevent the toddler from falling. Once babies can stand, they are able to reach higher and further and might even reach harmful things. Therefore, parents should always look into each room in the house just to watch out for any new hazards in the home.

Knowledge is the key to everything.  When it comes to baby proofing your home, having the right knowledge can ensure that your child’s safety needs are met and that you won’t be one of the millions who find themselves regretting a safety decision they made.  Visit this website  which will provide you with every piece of information you could ever need on how to child proof your home.

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